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There are several different ways to save for retirement. An annuity is one method to save for retirement.  Most annuities allow for tax-deferred growth of your assets. You can purchase an annuity that allows for early withdrawals, or you can choose an annuity that limits access to you assets, but guarantees a set payment in retirement. Fixed annuities can provide a guaranteed income stream for retirement. Your annuity account can also be used to accumulate money for the future. We can review your options with you.

An annuity can be funded by a lump-sum payment or by multiple payments. Deferred annuities allow for accumulation of funds overtime and have different payout options. Immediate annuities allow you to change a lump sum of money into a guaranteed payout as long as you live or a certain number of years. Fixed annuities provide a guaranteed rate of return over the length of the annuity. Index annuities grow at a rate of return tied to a stock market index. Usually, the insurer will guarantee a minimum value of the annuity, irrespective of the stock index performance, to protect your base investment. We offer many quality annuity products to meet your needs. Contact Jim today to review your options with you.

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